Quick Update

Long time no write, not by choice.  But I wanted to just give a quick update on the CatDogHorse crew.img_9491

Malcolm is still doing great.  His motor never stops running and those feet of his never stop kneading.  Such a lovebug!

Inara just celebrated her 11th birthday yesterday!  11!  How does that even happen?  She did spend part of her celebration time at the vet getting a bump checked out, but fortunately it was just a lipoma so nothing to worry about.  She’s healthy as a horse!

Renata is doing amazingly well.  We are working on getting her to wear a saddle and bridle while lunging.  She is sassy sometimes (which is just fine!), but she’s learning to settle in and go pretty quietly and respond to voice cues.  She and I are learning together, and it’s wonderful!  img_9400

I managed to get my hand badly broken (and a hoofprint on my stomach!) when Renata playfully kicked out about 6 weeks ago.  She broke the 5th metacarpal so badly that I had to go to three surgeons to find one who could fix it.  I now have 2 pins, a plate, and screws.  Recovery is very slow going and it’s still painful and has VERY limited mobility.  Very frustrating.  But I’m doing what I can.  So that’s why there haven’t been updates for 6 weeks!  I promise to try to do better!



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