Meet The Crew!

The introductory post on a new blog is always so stressful!  Fortunately, since this blog is about the furballs, the stress level isn’t too bad.  I can talk about them all day.  So let’s get started, shall we?

Cat – Malcolm

Malcolm is a handsome young man, prIMG_8350obably 5-6 years old.  I adopted him almost three years ago.  I was looking for a large male cat that would enjoy having a canine buddy.  Mal was part of a hoarding case.  He was living with 51 other cats in a small apartment.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of his housemates were killed by a local “humane” society as they were deemed feral.  Mal was one of the lucky 12 saved by the rescue.  And they were SO not feral.  Mal settled in to the household pretty easily and adores his big sister, Inara the pit bull.  I had trouble finding a picture of just him because he is always curled up with her!

Dog – Inara

IMG_7637Inara is a nearly 11 year old pit bull, though when I tell people she’s 11, they say, “months?”  Her energy has not waned in her more mature age, for which I’m grateful.  I got her as an 8 week old puppy from a “rescue” (in quotes because she was later arrested for hoarding/neglect).  Her mom had been confiscated from a fight ring when she was pregnant with Inara, and Inara was born at the rescue.  I hadn’t wanted a puppy, but aren’t we all suckers for wiggly puppies?  She is my first dog, and she has been a learning experience!  She is the absolute light of my life and has been with me through so much.

Horse – RenataIMG_8479

Rennie is the newest addition.  She joined us unexpectedly back in February of this year when her other mom/co-owner went to a meat-buyer’s auction down in Amish country.  Her story is a novel unto itself and she’ll get her own blog post to update her history, but suffice to say she has come quite a long way.  She is a 3-4 year old mare, probably mostly Standardbred with perhaps some Saddlebred mixed in (she’s a flashy mover!).  She’s my first horse and again, quite the learning experience!

So that’s the crew!  Thanks for stopping by!


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